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Two folds of security one should be thinking of while planning Network security.

Security of the network devices and the data flowing through the network devices. There has to be a robust security framework with required policies and procedures to control the access to the network devices and data. Talk to VTech team on how to make your network more reliable and better.


VAPT (Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Test) are comprehensive services for security audit, security amendment, recommendation, security monitoring, risk analysis, forensic analysis, and penetration testing.

IT Security Assessment

There are various kinds of risks spread across processes, people and technology, which can compromise your business. This calls for a proper systematic analysis of the risks and plan to overcome the risks.

Network Security

Network perimeter devices such as Routers/ Firewalls must be adequately configured to protect the organization’s IT Infrastructure from external threats such as Hacking, DDOS attacks, SPAM, malwares, viruses etc. These threats severe and may lead to significant business impact includes financial loss or organization’s reputation loss.

End Point Security

While the Network Perimeter Devices provides protection against external threats, it is essential to safeguard internal devices such as desktops, laptops, printers, scanners etc. Vtechnologist provides End Point Security Service that essentially address the security loopholes exists on the end points.

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