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Knowledge Management System Revolutionizing Customer Care in Singapore

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First-Ever Advanced System to be Introduced in Singapore Vtechnologist, together with Avaya, has recently deployed the Verint EM-Pro in the call centre in DHL Supply…

Grow your Business with Top Video Conferencing Solutions in Singapore: Things to Know

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With the advancement in technology, having face-to-face online meetings is a piece of cake for businesses. The top video conferencing solutions in Singapore make it…

5 Top Video Conferencing Solutions in Singapore for Virtual Meetings

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Even though offices are transitioning back to the office after a whole year of remote work, several employers are looking to make work from home…
PABX maintenance in Singapore

The PABX Maintenance in Singapore Your Business Needs

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With technological advancement, companies are incorporating different communication devices but are downsizing their computer departments. Businesses no longer require large computer rooms or an in-house…

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