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Knowledge Management System: Revolutionizing Customer Care in Singapore

By October 11, 2021May 11th, 2022No Comments

First-Ever Advanced System to be Introduced in Singapore

Vtechnologist, together with Avaya, has recently deployed the Verint EM-Pro in the call centre in DHL Supply Chain Singapore Pte Ltd (“DHL”), for one of the government ministries in Singapore. We are proud of this deployment as we are the first in Singapore to deploy such a complex and advanced enterprise knowledge management system.

The Verint EM-Pro, a complex and advanced knowledge management system  which is designed primarily to expand the reach of the client. The software was created to provide a flawless connection with people calling in from different districts, regions, and states. The software is focused on a knowledge management system that is empowered to capture, access, share and update information more efficiently. This way, the agents can curate accurate answers and reduce the response time, and customers can rely confidently on the customer centre of this passionate organization.

Picture 1. Excerpt from Avaya resources

The idea of providing quality customer assistance through a fully revolutionize and high-tech call centre that was built on technology and govern by artificial intelligence is not just a dream of the past. The inception of the DHL call centre powered by a Knowledge Management System comprising of AI, chatbots, and a robust mechanism for resolving the needs of every individual with a unique query has allowed ministries to improve their services on the whole.

Benefits of the EM-PRO Knowledge Management System

Government ministries in Singapore work to satisfy and assist both the young and old in gaining social assistance and support to create a strong, caring community. But to reach out to more people, the department needs to embrace advancement in the customer service sector. By introducing new technologies such as Omni-channel environment, cloud-based systems, and advanced IT knowledge management systems, the responding time can be significantly improved, enabling people to put more trust in the ministry’s call centre agents.

Government ministries, unlike any other business or sector, receives immense inquiries throughout the day as the agents need to be able to provide a personalized solution over the phone quickly to each caller regardless of their question.

With the Verint EM-Pro knowledge management system, the data remains well-arranged and organized. Agents can use the centralized knowledge base system, pull out a perfect solution from the robust database, and answer the worried customers more confidently, and more quickly. With a user-friendly dashboard, the agents have a better learning curve, locating hidden information within seconds.

Moreover, this newly deployed system utilizes the techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) in a much more innovative way. The system is designed to “learn” from every query that comes in. Every inquiry that comes in through the call centre will be automatically saved into the system, and the system becomes smarter as the agents receive more queries. This prepares the built-in case study feature of the system, allowing it to retrieve information for any similar cases in the future. This way, the system will become even more intelligent in the future, reducing the time required to clear the queued customers on the calling line.

Verint’s EM-PRO can revolutionize customer care

Omni-channels have become a demand for this digital era. Customers want to be able to receive relevant assistance quickly, and companies want to clear the incoming queries quickly while using the least resource. With a knowledge management system like the Verint EM-PRO, both the objectives of the caller and the company are met. Besides being used in call centres to assist agents, the EM-PRO can also be integrated to create a highly intelligent chatbot on websites to provide quick and relevant online assistance.

With one ministry beginning to embrace change by making the knowledge management system a part of their customer service centre and kickstarting the movement to encourage more ministries and large MNCs to adopt similar solutions to improve the quality of customer service. Currently being the first organization to have experience deploying this solution, the Vtechnologist team is now poised at the front line to deploy similar solutions for other customers. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers are all too ready to extend a helping hand to companies and sectors wanting to revolutionize customer support and speed things up.

If you have any questions regarding the Verint EM-Pro solution, or on how Vtechnologist can help your organization, please drop us an email at