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5 Top Video Conferencing Solutions in Singapore for Virtual Meetings

By July 11, 2021May 11th, 2022No Comments

Even though offices are transitioning back to the office after a whole year of remote work, several employers are looking to make work from home the new norm. But this will only be possible if workplaces use premium video conferencing solutions.

Video conferencing has evolved into a ubiquitous tool. There is a large market filled with options for various types of video conferencing solutions. Let’s take a look at a few Singapore video conferencing tools.

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the top video conferencing solutions in Singapore. This video conferencing solution combines high-definition video conferencing, webinars, online business meetings, and tutorials in a collaborative solution. With this, employees can also screen share and take control over the screen of other people. The good thing about this video conferencing solution is just one person has to download zoom software and others can join through the link provided.

Zoom is the best web-meeting software for users who would like to effectively and simply connect with clients and customers, remotely. For increased support, it has Linux OS and Chrome support too. Zoom uses secure socket layer encryption for ensuring secure communications.

The number of participants allowed in a meeting will depend on the plan you choose but ideally it is up to 100 participants. Therefore, if you are looking for the top video conferencing solutions in Singapore, zoom is an excellent option to consider.

2. Avaya Spaces

Avaya Spaces is the most-sought and popular top video conferencing solution in Singapore. It lets you connect with your team members and clients for meetings, file sharing, chat, video calls, and manage all the office tasks. With the one-click feature of Avaya Spaces, you can start a video conference within seconds. You can integrate it with Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, and Google in a seamless manner.

Get rid of background noise in the meetings and also enjoy the cool imagery to replace your background. Avaya Spaces also allows you to switch a video or voice call with a one-click button. Share the meeting invite with up to 1k users. You can invite others using the phone number, email, name, or a web link. Post attachments in the chat and preview the files before downloading. With such powerful features, Avaya Spaces makes the cut to the top video conferencing solutions in Singapore.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team has been designed to operate seamlessly. It easily integrates with Office applications, such as SharePoint and Word. Microsoft Tea’s infrastructure and design make it highly interactive. The company also lets you integrate Skype for Business into its platform.

It had been introduced as a response to the increasing number of collaboration tools, such as Slack, which has dominated the market for a long time. The tool serves as a catch-all chat solution for a workplace. However, the video conferencing option it provides is just powerful and compelling. Users will be able to launch the video conferencing from the chat without any hassle.

One of the newest features included in Microsoft Teams it lets you invite guests who are not a part of the directory. Therefore, it is a must to have top video conferencing solutions in Singapore for mid-size and large organizations.

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex provides the best online video conferencing meeting features with integrated screen sharing to collaborate with co-workers, partners, or clients. It offers unmatched HD video quality and the ability to join the video conference from any device. Sign in from laptop, tablet, or mobile on the go.

Cisco Webex allows you to customize the video conference as per your choice. Choose from multiple layout screen options like Full screen mode to show only the person who is speaking, Active speaker mode for a bigger view of person who is speaking, or a Grid view with all same-size thumbnails of connected users.

One-click record feature is extremely useful and screen share works perfectly with simultaneous chat with other participants. The video is crystal clear and it feels like a face-to-face real meeting. All these features make it one of the top video conferencing solutions in Singapore for those who spend most of their time on conference calls.

5. Google Meet

Google Meet that was formerly known as Google Hangout Meet is Google Workspace’s part. It has gone through a recent rebranding. Google Meet aims to offer top-notch conferencing services to its users. It has been developed for businesses in need. This is one of the top video conferencing solutions in Singapore that can cater to a large number of users. The fast interface and smart participation reduce the waiting time.

With Google Meet, it is easier to work with external clients. It does this by offering a web app experience. This means users don’t have to download software. Also, there is a dial-in number. So, employees can join in on the go. It also ensures that the quality is maintained and there aren’t any drop-outs.

Bottom Line

Once you have chosen one of the above top video conferencing solutions in Singapore, you need to consider how it will fit into the work environment at your office. To make sure the conferences are seamless, you can consider vTechnologist. It helps all types of businesses to achieve optimum efficiency. vTechnologist goes the extra mile to secure your connections and keep the workforce connected.

Get complete peace of mind in the age of digitization by having the right video conferencing solution for your company. vTechnologist will help you to find the best solution for your needs and requirements so that you can improve your operational efficiency. If you want to know more about which video conferencing solution is best for your company, contact our representatives now.