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PABX Maintenance

The PABX Maintenance in Singapore Your Business Needs

By April 30, 2021May 11th, 2022No Comments

With technological advancement, companies are incorporating different communication devices but are downsizing their computer departments. Businesses no longer require large computer rooms or an in-house IT team to handle everything. These days even the most important discussions can be held through laptops and mobile devices on cloud servers. All these can be taken care of by an outsourced IT service. Gradually, it has replaced different portions of an IT department.

Here are a few IT services such as PABX maintenance in Singapore that your business might need to achieve success.

1.  Network and Infrastructure

IT service providers offer a wide array of support options that can help the company handle LANs, WANs, and various other aspects of the computing system. Based on the managed IT support level you choose from the provider, you can enjoy one or more of the services we have discussed below.

  1. Mobile Networking: It allows your team to connect through wireless devices from anywhere they want.
  2. Onsite Infrastructure Setup: The hardware and software setup at the headquarter of the company rather than the in-house IT team.
  3. Remotely Managed Print Services: Letting authorized staff print out any document present in the network of the company from anywhere they want.
  4. Managed Cloud Infrastructure: Allowing colleagues to attend a meeting and get together to work on projects on cloud-based software portals of the company.
  5. Managed Storage Backup: Allowing the staff members to update assignments or upload information from any location they want under the protection of remote backup.

Different levels of infrastructure and network from a managed IT service, the company can place all its technical aspects and wireless management under the umbrella of trained personnel. So, your employees can focus on bettering the business.

2.  Cloud-Based Solutions

One of the most popular IT services today is managed cloud services. Managed cloud services will take care of the implementation and management of cloud-based platforms or services like Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Teams.

Managed cloud services also comprise of things such as upgrades, ongoing training, maintenance, management, and troubleshooting. Most of the organizations these days depend on their cloud infrastructure. Managed cloud services off-load the management and maintenance of the cloud-based solutions to a managed service provider.

3.  Network and Infrastructure Management

IT procurement companies will provide your business with the required equipment to set up a network. This is what you need for acquiring business programs and computers. The IT companies can set up your telecommunications network such as the internet, too.

Almost all procurement firms offer asset management and maintenance services. They offer device upgrades and can repair damaged equipment.

Check out the IT assets that the procurement companies can provide you with:

Hardware Equipment

Hardware means all physical devices like network equipment, computers, and peripherals. Under this, IT procurement services can set up and install workstations, laptops, PCs, and tablets. That is not all. They can also help in setting up the network that comprises of the switches, routers, and servers. They will set up the peripherals including photocopiers, printers, and scanners for your business.


Under this category, the IT procurement company takes care of system software installation help you need. These comprise of the device drivers, operating systems, text editors, and utilities. The IT service will also install applications and programming software.

Wireless or Wired Connection

A wireless connection needs less space and is easy to maintain. It’s the perfect choice for SMBs as lesser hardware leads to fewer maintenance costs.

However, a wired connection will provide you with better speed and stability. The only drawback is it needs more space.

But, if you hire an IT service specialist company like Vtechnologist, there is no need to worry. This reliable IT service company will help you decide which of the two is suitable for your business. In case it’s a small office with limited space, the experts at Vtechnologist are more likely to recommend wireless connection. No matter what they choose, you can be sure that they tell you about the pros and cons of both.

4.  Cybersecurity Solutions

With cybersecurity solutions, you can protect networks and computers from an online malware attack. These attacks are mainly to disrupt the business, extort money, or do both.

Cybercriminals spread or deploy malware to steal or destroy sensitive information. Anyone can be affected by a cyberattack, the business, as well as the consumers.


To take effective cybersecurity measures and protect your network and system, take the help of an information technology service company like Vtechnologist. They monitor data going in and out of the network. And in case, there is an attack, they will mitigate its effect.

Most business needs a variety of these services. With the help of the right IT service, you can take care of each of these aspects.