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How to Choose the Best VoIP Service Provider in Singapore?

By September 15, 2020May 11th, 2022No Comments

VoIP services in Singapore are much cheaper than the conventional telephone network. Most of these VoIP service providers offer features that are similar to the ones provided by conventional telephones such as caller ID, call waiting, call blocking, call transfer, and many more.

VoIP in Singapore ranges from one man service to giant conglomerates. So, when it comes to selecting Singapore’s best VoIP solution, there are many things you need to take into consideration.

1. Know What Your Business Needs and How VoIP in Singapore Can Be Useful

VoIP comes with different offerings. So, before choosing the right VoIP service provider for your business, it’s important to understand your exact needs.

You can address the questions given below to identify your requirement.

  • What kind of business phone number do you need? Do you require a local number, international number, toll-free number, or a combo?
  • Does the business receive several inbound calls or make more outbound calls?
  • Do you require a call routing system?
  • Does the business have a distributed workforce?
  • Does the business operate from multiple locations?
  • Do teams in the business collaborate frequently?
  • Do you want the business tools to be integrated with some solution?

Asking yourself these questions will help in finding out the right VoIP solution in Singapore. Once you identify the operational needs, start looking for a reliable VoIP provider that will cater to your requirements.

2. Check Types of VoIP Providers and Their Plans

There are various VoIP providers, and you have to select the one that’s best for your business.

Let’s find out what are the different types of VoIP providers so you will know what to look for.

  1. VoIP-Only: These VoIP providers primarily focus on offering telephone functions directly to their customers. It includes a few basic features like caller ID, voicemail, and call forwarding. However, it doesn’t come with any management feature. Businesses looking for just phone calling functionality can go for this.
  2. VoIP with Cloud Phone Solution: Some providers leverage the cloud by blending VoIP along with the cloud PBX technology. This type of provider has VoIP services that come with advanced routing capabilities of PBX. Other than making and receiving calls over the internet, they also offer business calls management features such as virtual extension, answering rules, and attendant for businesses and individuals.
  3. VoIP as a Segment of Unified Communications Solution: These VoIP providers are quite similar to the previous ones, but they provide many more features. These companies combine various tools for communication like VoIP, team messaging, cloud PBX, and online meetings in a single platform. So, your business will have a one-stop solution rather than using various vendors to get access to communication tools.

3. Consider the Quality of Service by the VoIP Providers

Usually, Voice over IP is the first step to integrating a systematic communication network in an organization. Almost all providers will claim to offer the best voice communication service. But they avoid informing that the traffic is handed over to the public internet where it can suffer packet loss. This may lead to low-quality voice calls.

So, when you check for the potential VoIP providers around Singapore, you need to check for quality indicators. One such quality VoIP service provider is VTechnologist that helps you in achieving the desired results.

4. Learn About the Security Features

When you are looking for a service provider, you should also check if the potential provider can offer networking security and monitoring. While using VoIP, you are going to depend on the free flow of data. This can expose you to security threats such as viruses, spam, and network outages. Thus, your service provider should monitor the network round the clock and provider network-based security including managed firewall, intrusion protection, anti-spyware, and anti-spam protection.

It is important to make an informed decision when choosing your VoIP provider to ensure seamless communication with your customers and colleagues. Vtechnologist has a team that consists of veterans of over 20 years in the industry. You can leave us an email to learn more and we would be very happy to assist you in your journey to find the perfect VoIP provider and IT products for your company.