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Unified Communications

What Is Unified Communications And Who Can Use It In Singapore?

By August 21, 2020May 11th, 2022No Comments

We are living in a world galvanized by digital transformation. In this era, work isn’t confined to a specific computer screen, desk, or phone. In fact, at present, a major portion of the world is working remotely. So, companies look for ways to cater to users who don’t want to be tethered by physical locations and wires.

The outcome? An influx of amazing communication tools was created for almost all types of average businesses. However, the sheer number of available communication tools can overwhelm many. Luckily, there’s a solution, and that is Unified Communications.

Unified Communications: What Is It?

Unified Communications is integrated for optimizing business processes. It isn’t a single product. This is a solution that has been designed combining various elements and components such as email, video messages, voice messages, instant messages, conferencing, phone calls, device awareness, the information in one single user-interface.

Unified communication makes sure that there is a higher level of interaction in the workforce that is globally dispersed. So, no matter where you are working, you will be able to get access to the same secured system.

Who can Use Unified Communications in Singapore?

In this fast-paced world, businesses have to be agile and offer better customer service at a cost-effective rate. With time, more businesses are switching from conventional desktop working to remote working. Employees now work from home, travel to different branches of office across the globe, and work on the move.

In a dynamic work environment like this, it is important for businesses to communicate effectively, either internally or with the customers.

Advantages of Unified Communications

Without wasting time on the tech jargon, let’s see how unified communication can be advantageous for your business.

1.   Everything is streamlined

As already mentioned, it offers real-time access to various services. By combining these services and joining hands with top vendors like VTechnologist, businesses get the chance to scale and optimize efficiency and productivity in various aspects of business operations.

2.   Better Reliability

Unified Communications provides superior reliability by improving performances that prevent downtime. So, in case one tool is down, there is another that will kick in. By combining this with optimal redundancy along with high-end data center and prime cloud provider access, you will be able to keep the business running even in the direst condition.

3.   Reduced Cost

Unified Communications as a Service is turning out to be the top solution for all SMB organizations out there. This lets smaller companies to implement a unified communications solution with the additional fuss of the on-premises ones in the fast at a cheaper price. Smaller organizations that will adapt to voice and cloud conferencing in time to come can improve productivity. This directly impacts the bottom line or the cost.

4.   Effective Collaboration

Since the right tools are in place, employees will be able to collaborate on different projects. This helps in creating a positive culture, improves customer service, and drives sales. In present times, employees don’t like being told when and where they can work. So, when an organization the culture, as well as the tools, supporting this kind of collaboration, it can be geographically blind when it comes to hiring the best employee.

5.   Better Customer Service

When a customer gets in touch with a business, they just want to talk to the department or person to solve their problem as soon as possible. By using unified communications, even when you are away from the office desk, you can be available to the customers. Thus, it helps in improving the customer experience.

Final Words

No doubt, Unified Communications is the way forward for businesses that want to optimize business processes. It helps in evolving from the conventional desktop-only scenario to a highly mobile workforce. You can connect with VTechnologist team to streamline your business as it provides world class unified communication solutions.