our services

To address increasing customer demand for services, you need holistic and dependable coverage for support issues - from solving the occasional equipment failure to offering professional advisory consultations.

01 >> Professional Services

We are here to guide you and assist in every step. From concept inception and pre-staging through to installation, we ensure the entire project will be delivered to your satisfaction. The experienced project managers and engineers of our Professional Services team are fully responsible for the implementation of projects and all relevant aspects of user relocation, ensuring quality. Our professional services methodology is adapted to suit your individual project requirements, including regular reviews, management control, clear communication and controlled project milestones.

02 >> Support Services

Our team and support capabilities to deliver first-class customer service to you. Our 24/7 support service unit is the central station where all your queries are answered. With a highly-integrated CRM system in place, we focus on fault-logging through a one-call resolution process - a service we're proud to provide. Issues such as product serviceability and technical assistance are recorded and acknowledged, at the same time a request is sent to the appropriate resource for resolution.

03 >> Enhanced Services - Relocation

We are here to give you peace of mind. Relocation can be more than just tedious - it can greatly impact your customer service if not handled effectively. Our comprehensive services, together with a highly specialised team trained in equipment handling and reinstallation, will see you through your entire relocation project from start to finish.

04 >> Enhanced Services - Man-On-Site

Faulty equipment, technical problems, changes or additions to user identities? We provide the additional resources you need to handle daily requests for what is widely termed Move, Add, Change and Delete (MACD).